The Adventures Of Batman And Robin

Sega/Clockwork Tortoise
Release Date: 

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN is video game based on the Batman:The Animated Series.It was published by Sega and is a run 'n' gun where both Batman and Robin must stop Mr. Freeze who plans to freeze Gotham City.In order to keep the duo busy,he also frees The Joker,Mad Hatter and Two-Face,each one with their own agenda.The game can be played by two players simultaneously,one player with Batman and the other one with Robin.Both characters are identical in terms of playability and both uses batarangs in long-range attacks,while they use melee attacks in short range.There are four levels each one consisting of a straight left-to-right transverse to the end where the boss awaits.In some levels the game switches to a side-scrolling shooter,in which the players must control Batwings.The game is regarded as being extremely difficult to complete and also known for pushing the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis to its limits in special effects...