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Darklight Conflict

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RELEASE DATE:--/--/1997

PUBLISHER/PRODUCER:Electronic Arts/Rage Software

DARKLIGHT CONFLICT is a science fiction arcade style shooter computer game developed by Rage Software and published by Electronic Arts in 1997 for Sega Saturn.In Darklight Conflict,you play the part of a contemporary,Cold War-Era human fighter pilot abducted by the alien Repton species during your aerial battle and biologically modified to become a starfighter pilot for them in their war against the Ovon race.You will pilot one of three different starfighters,each with different strengths and weaknesses along with occasionally piloting a captured enemy ship or controlling a gun turret on your Mothership.The missions are quite varied,ranging from simple combat missions to missions where you need to defend your Mothership,destroy an enemy Ovon Mothership,clear an asteroid field or retrieve an object with a tractor beam...

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