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Enemy Zero

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RELEASE DATE:31/10/1997


ENEMY ZERO is a video game for Sega Saturn developed by the company WARP and directed by WARP founder Kenji Eno.It was the second game to star the digital actress Laura.E0 is a game in which the gameplay sequences alternate between interactive FMV and real time exploration,both from a first person perspective.Starring Laura of D fame,the game is set on a human spaceship in deep space.When Laura is woken from hypersleep,she finds the mangled corpses of her comrades.She feels a chilling presence in the dark rooms and corridors of the ship;the presence of an invisible alien.The gameplay of E0 is unique.Enemies are not visible and location is only possible through the use of sound,with notes of different pitch helping the player find the distance and direction of enemies.The game borrows heavily from the film Alien including a number of direct references to the film...

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