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Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee

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RELEASE DATE:14/10/2002


GODZILLA:DESTROY ALL MONSTERS MELEE is a fighting game released in 2002 by Infogrames.The name of the game is taken from the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters.The players can assume control of several giant monsters from the Godzilla film series.The plot involves an alien race known as the Vortaak invading the Earth and assuming control of the planet's monsters,sending them to attack cities across the globe.One monster breaks free from the Vortaak's control and battles the other monsters in order to drive off the Vortaak.The game features many different modes such as Destruction Mode,in which players compete to destroy buildings in a city,and Survival Mode,in which Player 1 has to fight all monsters,and Melee mode,in which up to 4 players can fight and cause ultimate chaos...

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