Gran Turismo 2

Sony Computer Entertainment/Polyphony Digital
Release Date: 

GRAN TURISMO 2 is a driving simulator/racing game for the Sony PlayStation developed by Polyphony Digital.Gran Turismo 2 features nearly 650 automobiles and 27 racing tracks.Unlike its predecessor,the player can race events separately instead of a tournament with multiple races.The player is no longer able to "qualify" for each race entered.It was released as a double disc due to its sheer size.It also has dirt tracks,Racing modifications(race colors etc.),tallies the player's game completion percentage and has the series' first two real life tracks,Laguna Seca and Pikes Peak.A "Le Mans Special Edition" was released in France in June 2000.It included a bonus CD that unlocked the B license,15 race cars and 100,000 credits with a saved game...