Interplay/Gremlin Interactive
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LOADED is a top-down shooting video game that was developed by Gremlin Interactive for the Sega Saturn.Loaded's gameplay is similar to that of Gauntlet which requires the player to move room to room killing everything in sight and collecting keycards capable of unlocking doors.At the end of each level,the game tallies the player's greed factor,accuracy and body count on a 0%-100% scale in order to give the player's career prospects.The game features 15 levels and six playable characters:Mamma,Fwank,Bounca,Vox,Butch and Cap'n Hands.The plot of the game is that these characters have been framed by a malevolent space pirate named FUB.The game begins in a prison in which one or two of the game's six characters must escape it and engage on a bloody odyssey to exact revenge on FUB.Loaded features music by Neil Biggin with guest tracks by Pop Will Eat Itself and also Patrick Phelan...