Mario Smash Football

Nintendo/Next Level Games
Release Date: 

MARIO SMASH FOOTBALL is a football/soccer game only for Nintendo Gamecube.It is one of the many Mario sports titles such as Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour and has special skills and other features added to the standard rules.It resembles to Sega Soccer Slam.The game was titled as Super Mario Strikers in North America.It was the thirteenth Mario game for the Nintendo Gamecube.Mario Smash Football has 5 game modes:Grudge Match,Cup Battle,Super Cup Battle,Custom Battle and Strikers 101.A team is made up of the team captain,three sidekicks to match the team captain's color and a goalkeeper.The player's goalkeeper is always Kritter unless the player chooses the Super Team.The team captains can also use a high powered shot called a Super Strike which will give two goals instead of one.The sidekicks cannot do Super Strikes.The Super Team however can all do Super Strikes...