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Medal Of Honor Underground

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RELEASE DATE:01/12/2000

PUBLISHER/PRODUCER:Electronic Arts/DreamWorks

MEDAL OF HONOR UNDERGROUND is the direct sequel to the World War II hit Medal of Honor.In Medal Of Honor Underground,the player takes the role of Manon Batiste,a French woman who appeared in the first game as an advisor.The plot of the game begins before the original Medal of Honor when Manon fights for the French Resistance before America entered the war.As the plot progresses,Manon is recruited to the OSS and takes on covert missions in occupied Europe and Africa.Missions include the sabotage of a V-1 flying bomb factory and rescuing prisoners of war.The levels include;occupied Greece,North Africa,Monte Cassino and Germany.The first and last levels are set in Paris,at the beginning and end of the Nazi occupation.The game is known as Medal of Honor:Resistance in France...

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