Mr Bones

Sega/Angel Studios
Release Date: 

MR BONES is a game released exclusively for the Sega Saturn created by Ed Annunziata and Zono Incorporated for Sega.The game tells the story of Mr. Bones,a resurrected blues musician,as he attempts to save the world from destruction at the hands of an evil vampire named Da Goulian.Mr. Bones was one of the Sega Saturn's quirkiest and most technologically advanced games.As a platform game,it has the distinction of having no two levels with the same style of gameplay.Each level operates on completely different game angles and control mechanics.The game currently has a cult status among vintage gamers because of the many FMV sequences peppered throughout the adventure.Mr. Bones used a disk swapping system with two separate CDs.The soundtrack was entirely composed by master guitarist Ronny Montrose...