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Nintendo 64 N64 DD

NINTENDO 64 DD: Nintendo 64 Disk Drive was only released in Japan on 01/12/1999. It was named as Dynamic Drive at the beginning but then later it was changed to Disk Drive. It was never sold commercially and could be bought only through Nintendo Japan`s RANDnet. The commercially released games are:F-Zero X, Japan Pro Golf Tour 64, Doshin The Giant, Mario Artist, Simcity 64...

Nintendo 64 N64 Expansion Pak

EXPANSION PAK: It was being installed into expansion slot of Nintendo 64 to give the console an extra 4 MB Ram. The compatible games offered highest resolution and detailed texture options namely as:Aidyn Chronicles:The First Mage, Gauntlet Legends, Hybrid Heaven, Perfect Dark, Pokémon Stadium 2, Resident Evil 2, Road Rash 64, Shadow Man, Star Wars:Episode I Racer, Turok 2:Seeds of Evil, San Francisco Rush 2049, South Park. Some of the games however required this adapter to work namely as:Donkey Kong 64, The Legend Of Zelda:The Majora`s Mask...

Nintendo 64 N64 Controller Pak

CONTROLLER PAK: It was a memory card that is plugged into the controller and allowed the player to save game progress and configuration. The original Nintendo version offered 256 KB battery backed SRAM, divided into 123 pages with a limitation of 16 save files...

Nintendo 64 N64 Voice Recognition Unit VRU

VOICE RECOGNITION UNIT(VRU): This accessory was first released with the game Hey You,Pikachu!. It consisted of a ballast that connects into controller port 4 of the system, a microphone, a yellow cover for the microphone and a clip for clipping the microphone to the controller. Players would hold the L or Z button on the controller and talk to Pikachu. The downside of this accessory was that it was calibrated to recognize children voices so older children and adults always had a difficulty to play it...

Nintendo 64 N64 Rumble Pak

RUMBLE PAK: It was first released in 1997 alongside Star Fox 64 game. Simply it gave vibrations during gameplay which was popular in these years...

Nintendo 64 N64 Transfer Pak

TRANSFER PAK: It was an accessory that plugged into the controller and allowed the Nintendo 64 to transfer data between Game Boy and Nintendo 64 games. It was first released alongside Pokémon Stadium game. The compatible games were Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Stadium 2, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis...

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