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Nintendo Entertainment System NES Advantage Controller

NES ADVANTAGE CONTROLLER: Nintendo released its first arcade controller in 1987. The controller had a powerful design to give the feel of arcade. NES Advantage was an advanced controller with adjustable turbo buttons and slow motion. The controller also had the ability to use both controller ports however it is known that the controller was easily breakable...

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Four Score

NES FOUR SCORE: It was basically a multi player adaptor produced by Nintendo in 1990. It allowed four players to play at the same time in certain games. On the Four Score itself, there is an option to switch between two-player and four-player modes and turbo A and B buttons that would give any of the connected controllers a turbo boost. The Four Score can also be used as a controller extension cable because of the length of the cable...

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Power Glove

NES POWER GLOVE: It was a controller accessory released only in Japan and USA in 1989. It was distributed by Mattel in USA and PAX in Japan. Basically it has sensors to recognize human movements to control the character on the screen. However it is reported that this accessory was useless in many games and only two games Super Glove Ball, Bad Street Brawler were designed to work precisely. These two games were not released for this accessory in Japan and it was published as an alternate controller...

Nintendo Entertainment System NES R.O.B. ROBOTIC OPERATING BUDDY

R.O.B. ROBOTIC OPERATING BUDDY: It was released in July 1985 as Famicom Robot in Japan and R.O.B. in USA in the same year. Only two games were produced for it namely Gyromite and Stack-Up. The R.O.B. functions by receiving commands via optical flashes from a television screen. With the head pointed always at the screen, the arms move left, right, up, and down, and the hands pinch together and separate to manipulate objects on fixtures attached to the base. In Gyromite, one of R.O.B.`s base attachments holds and pushes buttons on an ordinary controller. In Stack-Up,the player should press a button on the controller to indicate when R.O.B. completes a task. The Robot games were among the most complex of their time...

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Zapper

NES ZAPPER: It was commonly known as gun which was simply a plastic light gun released in Japan in 1984 and in USA in 1985. It was inferior in contrast to Sega Master System`s light gun at that time. The first version was grey in colur and later it was changed to orange.The compatible games are:The Adventures of Bayou Billy, Baby Boomer, Barker Bill`s Trick Shooting,Chiller, Duck Hunt, Freedom Force, Gotcha! The Sport!, Gumshoe,Hogan`s Alley,Laser Invasion,The Lone Ranger, Mechanized Attack, Operation Wolf, Shooting Range, To the Earth, Track&Field II, Wild Gunman ...

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