North And South

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North And South is a combined strategy and action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released by Infogrames in 1989. North And South is an offshoot of the Belgian comic series Les Tuniques Bleues which is based on the American Civil War. The player basically acts out the Civil War, choosing to play as either the North or the South. The player may choose to start the game year from 1861 to 1864. Each year has a different array of armies and states that each side starts with. Taking an extremely simplified board interface, the game features a strategic map of the USA separated into states and territories, where army units are moved around. In each state which "owns" a railway station, there is a fort, the capture of which leads to the player overtaking the whole state. North And South contains a lot of humorous elements. It features parodies of national anthems, which are accessible when the player selects one of the different languages supported by the game: (English, French, Spanish, German or Italian). In addition, the game is filled with numerous comical situations and gags. European version of North And South was released in limited quantities and is one of the rarest PAL games for the system.