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It is very hard to make a list as opinions differ from one person to another but depending on our informations, we can confirm that this is a very accurate list for the RAREST VIDEO GAMES which were sold commercially so far. Any types of prototypes and contest game versions are excluded.

1)KIZUNA ENCOUNTER: This NEO GEO AES game is rumoured to be sold only 4 copies in Europe which were all sold in Germany/Austria. The reason is that the copies were sent to specific stores and then were collected back by SNK very fastly. The estimated value is over 10.000 USD and we are sure that it can go higher.

2)ULTIMATE ELEVEN: Another SNK game for NEO GEO AES which is thought to be sold no more than a dozen. Again the game was collected back by SNK, a last seen copy was sold over 8000 USD in EBAY.

3)AIR RAID: A very unique shooter game for ATARI 2600. Exact number of copies that are produced are not known but the value of a loose game cartridge is over 3000 USD. Only released in North America.

4)FAMILY FITNESS STADIUM EVENTS: This rare and unique NES game was called back after it was distributed in North America. We believe that some hundreds were sold. Please note that the PAL version of this game is also rare but not as rare as the NTSC version. The normal value for a complete copy is over 1000 USD but in February 2010 a perfect copy was sold for 13000 USD in EBAY.

5)DARXIDE The last and the best game for Sega 32X in PAL format. This was a 3D shooter which truly showcased the capabilities of the allmighty Sega 32X. It was produced in very limited numbers and was only distributed in United Kingdom. The value for a complete copy is over 1000 EURO.

6)VIRTUAL BOWLING Released only in Japan for NINTENDO VIRTUAL BOY. Not many information is available besides that it is a bowling game. The value for a complete one is probably over 1000 EURO.

7)SD GUNDAM DIMENSION WAR: Released only in Japan for NINTENDO VIRTUAL BOY. Not many information is available besides that it is a Gundam anime series game. The value for a complete one is probably over 1000 EURO.

7)METAL SLUG: Although it was a very popular game in the arcades, it was produced in very little numbers for the NEO GEO AES. The American version is more rare than the Japanese version and the value of a complete copy is over 2000 EURO. Please note that it is very hard to find an original copy as most of the copies you can find at EBAY or a local store are conversions or in other terms BOOTLEGS.

8)BUBBLE BATH BABES: This was an adult puzzle game which was only released in North America. Actually it wasnt officially licensed by Nintendo because of its nudity in the game and also the game was rejected by many video game stores. So they sold the game via mail order through video game stores. Somehow a thousand copies are believed to be sold and the value is over 500 EURO.

9)PRIMAL RAGE: Another very rare Sega 32X game, which was produced in limited numbers in Europe. A direct port of the arcade counterpart which did not get quite good reviews. The value of a complete copy is over 500 EURO.

10)PANZER DRAGOON SAGA: This fantastic game was produced in the last days of Sega Saturn and in Europe around 3000 copies were distributed. In North America, around 10.000 copies were sold. The value of this game is around 150 EURO and that is the only game that needs to be owned in this list in our opinion. reviewbar

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