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1)SUPER MARIO BROS:It was the game that started it all,Mario is the most known video game character.It was a milestone in video games history and set the standards for platform video games.It was published in 1985 and still one of the few games that can make people play... reviewbar

super mario bros 1 super mario bros 2

2)THE LEGEND OF ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME:It was the game that taught how a 3D adventure game can be made at its best.Nintendo proved that they were the best by Super Mario 64 and reclaimed this title with this game.Perfect gameplay and controls,very genious level design and intuitive play mechanics.This is a must have for all video gamers... reviewbar

zelda ocarina of time 1 zelda ocarina of time 2

3)TETRIS:It was originally designed as a Russian scientifict project and later was designed as a game by Alexey Pajitnov.The first versions for the NES were published by TENGEN and they are still one of the rarest video games.Millions of copies that were sold,were Nintendo versions and Tetris is the game that defined puzzle games.Still many puzzle games copy the same block concept... reviewbar

tetris 1 tetris 2

4)STREET FIGHTER 2:Released in the early 90`s by CAPCOM,Street Fighter 2 was a benchmark in fighting games and introduced the world with a new craziness.With great graphics,controls and gameplay;it is one of the most known games in the world.After the release of Super Nintendo version,it became one of the best franchises in the gaming world... reviewbar

street fighter 1 street fighter 2

5)SUPER MARIO 64:When it was launched back in 1996,it shocked the world with its 3D beautiful graphics,incredible level designs and gameplay.Super Mario 64 was a showcase on Nintendo 64 and it was the game that accelerated Sega Saturn`s end.Still one of the best 3D games,it is a definite must have... reviewbar

super mario 64 super mario 64

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