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6)CHRONO TRIGGER:In 1995,world was introduced to a RPG created by Squaresoft named Chrono Trigger.Finest video game artists like Akira Toriyama,Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu were brought together to create the best RPG game of all times.Although FINAL FANTASY series are more known by gamers,this game will be the favorite of hardcore role playing gamers... reviewbar

chrono trigger 1 chrono trigger 2

7)THE LEGEND OF ZELDA A LINK TO THE PAST:This Zelda game was a huge step after the second NES game and it woved everyone in 1992.With its beautiful graphics and story,it is still one of the best adventure games that gamers can enjoy.It is a must try and must have for every game fan... reviewbar

zelda a link to the past zelda a link to the past

8)RESIDENT EVIL 4:Released in 2005 by CAPCOM,first we played it on Nintendo Gamecube which was thought to be exclusive and then it was ported to Playstation 2.Nintendo Gamecube version is slightly more better and this is the best Resident Evil game created so far... reviewbar

resident evil 4 resident evil 4

9)SUPER METROID:Anyone who played this game will definetly accept that it deserves to be in Top-10.Created by Gunpei Yokoi,this Nintendo masterpiece was ahead of every game back in 1993.Beautiful graphics,full freedom in the game,the sound and the controls,they were just perfect.A definite must have for everyone to see the beauty of video games...

super metroid super metroid

10)CASTLEVANIA SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT:Who can forget the Castlevania series?This game was released in 1997 by KONAMI,besides being a perfect adventure game it is one of the rarest Castlevania games.Released for Playstation in every regions and in Japan for Sega Saturn,with hundreds of items,long levels,many things to discover and great soundtrack this is a true classic... reviewbar

castlevania symphony castlevania symphony

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