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11)METAL GEAR SOLID:Metal Gear was first a game on NES and years later KONAMI returned back with METAL GEAR SOLID on Playstation.This spy action game set the standards for the cinematics in action games with new elements.Creator Hideo Kojima`s masterpiece still shines with its graphics,soundtrack,gameplay and the excitement... reviewbar

metal gear solid metal gear solid

12)SUPER MARIO KART:Another great title came from Nintendo in the year 1992 by Shigeru Miyamoto.Nintendo showed their skills by using Mode 7 chip but besides the great graphics,the gameplay and the entertainment in this game makes it a classic.Incredible tight controls and technics will make even the pros cry... reviewbar

super mario kart super mario kart

13)FINAL FANTASY 2:Originally the Japanese version was Final Fantasy 4 and this was the first Super Nintendo version.Its great rpg elements,active battle system which was introduced here first,ability to summon monsters and use chocobos make this version one of the best classics of all times.And of course Nobuo Uematsu`s music work in this game should not be forgotten...

final fantasy 2 final fantasy 2

14)ICO:After the launch of Playstation 2,a unique game by Sony came.It was called ICO and it changed the shape of video games.We have seen the artistic way of game programming and the loneliness was adapted into this game so well that it deserves to be a classic.Maybe not the best adventure game but a real beauty that everyone can agree and must see... reviewbar

ico ico

15)HALO:Maybe it is weird to have a FPS game in this list but HALO deserves this with its control scheme,graphics ahead of its time and the multiplayer modes.Microsoft turned many heads to their XBOX console with the help of this game and Halo is one of best benchmarks of its kind...

halo halo

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