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16)SUPER MARIO BROS 3:In 1990,a new Super Mario game directed by Shigeru Miyamato launched.With the new suits for Mario to wear like the Frog, Raccoon and Tanooki suits,it began a new era in Super Mario games.With great level design,precise controls and improved graphics,this is sure a classic... reviewbar

super mario bros 3 super mario bros 3

17)SECRET OF MANA:Another Squaresoft hit for Super Nintendo,Secret Of mana launched in the year 1993.Combining the best elements of RPGs with the action style of Zelda series,it set a new standard for action RPGs.Secret Of Mana is an awesome game to play and a must have... reviewbar

secret of mana secret of mana

18)GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC:After the launch of Playstation 2,the new Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec came with its great graphics and gameplay,it was the first game in the history to present real-time photorealistic graphics.The gameplay and the controls are so well that Gran Turismo 4 could not overcome it.Possibly the best racing game of all times for now... reviewbar

gran turismo 3 aspec gran turismo 3 aspec

19)SUPER MARIO WORLD:Nintendo needed a great game to sell its new console Super Nintendo in 1991 and again the creativity of Shigeru Miyamoto came in.Being the first 16-Bit Super Mario game,it was years in front of original Super Mario Bros series with great graphics,sound and gameplay.And with the addition of Yoshi,it is a true genius game.Not all games can match this and still one of the favourites of Super Mario fans... reviewbar

super mario world super mario world

20)PANZER DRAGOON SAGA:It is really a shame that the best game ever created by SEGA is one of the rarest games of all times.In Europe,it was produced approximately 3.500 copies and in the States like 10.000 copies.Supposed to be one of the best RPGs,it is still a Panzer Dragoon game which makes it even better.It is a shame that not every collector can have this game... reviewbar

panzer dragoon saga panzer dragoon saga

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