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21)SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2:In 1992,Yuji Naka created the second shocking hit from SEGA.In the late 80s,everyone was thinking that SEGA`s mascot was Alex Kidd until Yuji Naka delivered Sonic The Hedgehog.It had a boom effect in the industry and Sonic 2 was a miles ahead.With improved graphics,gameplay and 2 player option,this is still one of the best gems of SEGA... reviewbar

sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic the hedgehog 2

22)FINAL FANTASY 7:In 1997,Squaresoft released the first 3D Final Fantasy game exclusively for Playstation.It was planned to be on Nintendo 64 but Squaresof changed their plans.Except the gameplay and new RPG elements,the movies in the game and the 3D graphics made it a hit in every region.Japanese people got into long rows in the first day of sale which is unforgettable... reviewbar

final fantasy 7 final fantasy 7

23)FINAL FIGHT:Capcom released another hit in the arcades named Final Fight in the early 90s.With the success of Captain Commando and Street Fighter,Final Fight became a phenomen.The popularity of the series continued with the port of Super Nintendo versions namely Final Fight 1,Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3 which is extremely rare.At that time Sega`s Streets Of Rage series were the rivals of these series... reviewbar

final fight final fight

24)NIGHTS INTO DREAMS:Although Yuji Naka never made a real 3D Sonic game for Sega Saturn,his new creation Nights Into Dreams became a legend.With graphics that seemed impossible on Sega Saturn,great soundtrack and the change of music in the game,the gameplay and the controls were just perfect.Sonic Team never made a sequel on Sega Dreamcast and they were harshly criticised... reviewbar

nights into dreams nights into dreams

25)MORTAL KOMBAT:Just when it was the time of Street Fighter 2 that the world went crazy,a new arcade hit from Midway came.With digitized real graphics and mix of gores,Mortal Kombat became an instant arcade success.Two conversions for Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo were immediately released with the Nintendo version having no blood in the game.Sega Megadrive version became a hit although it wasnt a good direct port like Super Nintendo version.Mortal Kombat influenced the era of digitized graphics in video games... reviewbar

mortal kombat mortal kombat

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