Panzer Dragoon

Sega/Team Andromeda

PANZER DRAGOON is a 3D rail shooter video game produed by Team Andromeda for Sega Saturn in 1995.It follows the story of Keil Fluge,a member of a hunter party who encounters a fight between two dragons,colored black and blue.The rider of the blue dragon is mortally wounded in the battle and entrusts his mission as well as his dragon,the Solo Wing, to Keil.Keil must stop the Dark Dragon from reactivating an ancient ruin.The game gives the player a choice of two main offenses:a lock-on laser weapon and a rapid fire gun weapon,as well as the ability to swing the cameras around to shoot the enemies coming from all directions.Panzer Dragoon uses its own language "Panzerese" consisting of a mixture of Ancient Greek,Latin and Russian languages...