Pikmin 2

Release Date: 

PIKMIN 2 is a real-time strategy video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Gamecube.It was released in Japan on 29 April 2004,in North America on 30 August 2004 and in Europe on 8 October 2004.Pikmin 2 is the sequel of Pikmin and added many improvements over the original.Gameplay in Pikmin 2 revolves around using different combinations of Pikmin to retrieve various treasures from the planet's surface.These treasures range from a Duracell battery to a Dannon yogurt lid.Different obstacles and enemies make the retrieval of each treasure unique.The player must carefully consider which colors of Pikmin and how many of those colors will be needed to complete a certain task.The player is given one day at a time to play with each day equaling about 15 minutes in real-time.Pikmin 2 starts when Olimar returns home from his "vacation".He finds that his company Hocotate Freight,is in serious debt,leading to the sale of Captain Olimar's ship,the S.S. Dolphin which was the only remaining corporate asset worth anything...