Saturn Bomberman

Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft
Release Date: 

SATURN BOMBERMAN is a video game in the series of Bomberman released by Hudson Soft exclusively for Sega Saturn.Like most Bomberman games,Saturn Bomberman features a battle mode as well as a story mode.Along with them is a master mode in which the player races to finish a series of levels after which the player is given a rank based on time taken.This time is then saved to memory and kept on a scoreboard for future reference.The game also features several new powerups.Saturn Bomberman uses Dinosaur helpers which are initially found as eggs released upon the destruction of a soft block.Dinosaurs come in three levels:babies,adolescents and adults.Dinosaurs can only take one hit no matter how large they are.Saturn Bomberman supports up to ten human players on battle mode with 2 Multi-taps...