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Sega Master System 3-D Glasses

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM 3-D GLASSES: Sega had always released consoles and accessories ahead of its time and 3-D glasses were the first accessory to show this. It came packaged with the connector and the 3-D glasses. The connector can only be used with Sega Master System`s card slot and can not be used with Sega Master System 2 since it does not have any card slot. These glasses create a 3-D image by using a shutter system, simply closing the left and right lens rapidly. Only 8 games were released for this accessory including:Out Run 3-D, Poseidon Wars 3-D, Blade Eagle 3-D, Maze Hunter 3-D, Line Of Fire, Zaxxon 3-D, Space Harrier 3-D and Missile Defense 3-D...

Sega Master System Control Stick

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM CONTROL STICK: Released only in Europe and USA, this controller has a T-grip handle for more precise control. It is known that the controls are far more better with this controller and it is a durable controller. It had the classic 2 buttons on the left resembling the Sega Master System Sports Pad...

Sega Master System Light Phaser

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM LIGHT PHASER: Sega had always released light guns for their consoles and light phaser was their first model. It is known that this gun was the design from the Japanese anime series Zillion. The quality of this accessory was very high and far more better then the other light gun accessories of that time. This accessory was only compatible with these games:Assault City(Light Phaser Version), Laser Ghost, Marksman Shooting, Trap Shooting, Safari Hunt, Missile Defense 3-D, Operation Wolf, Rambo 3, Rescue Mission, Space Gun, Shooting Gallery, Wanted...

Sega Master System Sports Pad

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM SPORTS PAD: Sega also released a unique controller for Sega Master System to use with the sports games. It was only released in USA and Japan with differences. The Japanese version had only one trackball and 2 buttons while American version had switches to make it use with other games. The Japanese version came bundled with Sega Sports Pad Soccer game...

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