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Sega Mega Drive Genesis CD Back-up

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Activator

SEGA ACTIVATOR: The Sega Activator was an octagonal game controller for the Sega Mega Drive that used infrared screen like beams to interpret movements. The Activator was placed on the floor, and the player stood inside the octagon, punching and kicking to break the light beams and send signals to console. It was marketed as a new type of martial arts simulator. The light beams were also easily distorted by a non-flat ceiling, or obstructions. It did not see much commercial success. Few games were designed to be used including Eternal Champions, Mortal Kombat and Comix Zone...

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Arcade Controller

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Batter Up

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Master System Converter

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM CONVERTER: Known as Power Base Converter in North America, this was a separate device that sits between a Master System cartridge and the Sega Mega Drive`s cartridge slot. The Master System Converter does not contain any Sega Master System components, instead functioning as a pass-through device. The converter contains a top slot for cartridge-based games along with a front slot for card-based games, as well as the 3-D glasses adapter. When a Sega Master System game is inserted, the system puts the Sega Master Sytem` main chip Z80 in control, leaving the Sega Mega Drive`s main 68000 processor out. Another version for the Sega Mega Drive 2 was only released in Europe...

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Menacer

Sega Mega Drive Genesis CD Mouse

SEGA MEGADRIVE MOUSE: Sega released two different mouses for Mega Drive,one was calles Sega Mouse and the other version was called Sega Mega Mouse.Due to lack of supported games,this adapter saw a limited release...

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Multi-Tap

SEGA MULTI-TAP: Shortly after the release of Electronic Arts`s 4 Way Play Adapter, Sega released its own multi player adapter which was compatible with all games including Electronic Arts`s games...

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Electronic Arts 4 Way Play

ELECTRONIC ARTS 4 WAY PLAY: Sega`s important 3rd party developer for the Sega Mega Drive released the 4 Way Play to make four player sports games possible like Fifa and NBA Live series. The adapter was incompatible with non-EA games...

Sega Mega Drive Genesis Wireless Controller

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