Shinobi X

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SHINOBI X is a video game which was developed and published by Sega in 1995 for Sega Saturn.It was titled as Shinobi Legions in North America.Shinobi X is a traditional side-scrolling adventure game,which means that each level must be finished from left to right.Along the way Sho will come across various obstacles that will test the player's skill.The gameplay itself is largely the same as that in Shinobi 3.However this time emphasis lies on the use of Sho's katana instead of his shuriken and separate buttons are now used to control them.There are 9 stages in the game which are cut by FMVs.At the end of each stage,there is a boss battle and the last boss is Kazuma.For the European version of the game,the whole in-game musics were replaced and re-written by noted British video game composer Richard Jacques,while the cutscenes musics were left intact...