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Nintendo SNES Mouse

MOUSE: The Super Nintendo Mouse was released by Nintendo in 1992 bundled with Mario Paint game. The package also included a plastic mouse pad. The Super Nintendo Mouse was smaller than most computer mice of the time and had a significantly shorter cord than the standard Super Nintendo controller....

Nintendo SNES Multitap

MULTITAP: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System had several multitaps, the first one being Hudson Soft`s Super Multitap which was released in 1993. It came bundled with the game Super Bomberman or could be purchased separately. There was also another version in the shape of Bomberman....

Nintendo SNES Satellaview

SATELLAVIEW: The Satellaview was a satellite modem add-on for Super Famicom System in Japan released in 1995 by Nintendo. It was sold for 14,000. The Satellaview was developed and released by Nintendo, and Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting Co. was responsible for the file servers and the maintenance side of things after each game had been added....

Nintendo SNES Super Scope

SUPER SCOPE: Named as Nintendo Scope in Europe, it is the official Super Nintendo light gun. It was released in the European and US markets, with a limited release in Japan due to a lack of consumer demand. It is a wireless gun and uses an infrared receiver which plugs into the right port of the console. It has two action buttons,a pause button, a power switch and is powered by six AA batteries. The compatible games are Battle Clash, Bazooka Blitzkrieg, The Hunt for Red October, Lamborghini American Challenge, Metal Combat:Falcon`s Revenge, Operation Thunderbolt, Super Scope 6, T2:The Arcade Game, Tin Star, X-Zone, Yoshi`s Safari...

Nintendo SNES CD Controller

SNES CD CONTROLLER: This prototype controller was never released and assumed to be created for the Super Nintendo CD add-on that Sony would produce. After the cancellation of this project by Nintendo, Sony created Playstation and used a modified version of this controller...

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