Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3:Rebel Strike

Lucas Arts/Factor 5
Release Date: 

STAR WARS ROGUE SQUADRON 3:REBEL STRIKE is a Star Wars video game developed by Factor 5 and published by LucasArts exclusively for the Nintendo Gamecube.The game follows Rogue Squadron which under the command of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles,uses starfighters to engage and defeat the Galactic Empire.The game is set during the original Star Wars trilogy and recreates battles that take place during those films.It was developed as a sequel to Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II:Rogue Leader.It added the ability for the player to leave their starfighter to participate in land battle as well as to enter pilot vehicles during certain missions.The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows two players to play all but two of the missions from Rogue Leader co-operatively...