Street Fighter 3 Alpha

Virgin Interactive/Capcom
Release Date: 

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 is a fighting game released for the arcade by Capcom in 1997.It was later ported to Sega Dreamcast.Fei Long,Dee Jay and T.Hawk were added to the character roster.Balrog,Juni and Juli were also added to the immediate roster after they were given new character portraits and their own storylines.Evil Ryu,Shin Akuma and Guile were also added as secret characters in the World Tour mode,a mode that allows players to customize their chosen character's fighting style.In this version,Shin Akuma serves as the final boss for Evil Ryu.An online mode was added that allowed players to display their high scores.In addition,a Saikyo Dojo mode was added which pits a very weak character of the player's choice against two very strong opponents...