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RELEASE DATE:--/--/2000

PUBLISHER/PRODUCER:Sony Computer Entertainment/Picturehouse Software

TERRACON is an action-adventure video game released in August 2000 for the Sony PlayStation in Europe only. The evil Terracon is mercilessly wiping out the galaxy, planet by planet. As Xed, the toughest little alien ever hatched, you have to face the Terracon terror in the greatest adventure in the galaxy. The main two characters are Xed and Doc. Xed was hatched at mammary central just like his 27 brothers and 15 sisters. From an early age, Xed was bad tempered and had an aversion to machines. As soon as he was of age, Xed was put into the newly formed terraforming service where he could focus his destructive energies to the benefit of the common good. Xed quickly gained a reputation of being a loner and could always be found terraforming away from the others, and in particular the machines run by the Terracon brain. Doc started off as a flight engineer working on the Plutonian dropship programme. During the early part of his career, he constructed a biologically grown computer granting him his advanced science doctor's degree. Having perfected the Plutonian dropship design he resigned stating: "It isn't exactly rocket science". Doc transferred to the newly formed Plutonian terraforming project, and soon become a leading scientist on the research project that would turn lifeless planets in the solar system into green havens to be colonised by the dangerously over-populated Plutonians.

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