Time Crisis

Release Date: 

TIME CRISIS is a 3D first person rail shooter similar to Virtua Cop and The House Of The Dead games produced by Namco.The game was released first for the arcade and then was ported to Sony Playstation.A special light-gun controller named GunCon was also released by Namco.The game featured the arcade mode and an additional multi-branched storyline named Kantaris Deal exclusive to the Sony Playstation.As for the story of the game;the Garo family ruled Sercia for decades and in 1995,the VSSE International Intelligence Agency sent William MacPherson who successfully toppled the Garo regime and became its first democratically elected president.The last remaining member of the Garo family,Sherudo Garo sends a mercenary named Wild Dog and kidnaps the president's daughter,Rachel.Garo demands military secrets in return for Rachel's safe return or he will kill her by sunset...