Um Jammer Lammy

Sony Computer Entertainment/NanaOn-Sha
Release Date: 

UM JAMMER LAMMY is a rhythm video game developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony for the Playstation.Um Jammer Lammy stars an anthropomorphic lamb named Lammy,a member of the band MilkCan along with her other anthropomorphic friends Katy Kat and Ma-san.Lammy is the guitarist,Ma-san as the drummer and Katy Kat as the band front-person,vocalist and bass player.Um Jammer Lammy is based on the Parappa The Rapper engine.It is a rhythm game which uses rock music unlike Parappa The Rapper,which uses rap music.Each level has an original song which is sung by a different character.As the character sings,a green line appears at the top of the screen with an assortment of symbols taken from the controller to indicate which button the player must push to hit the beat...