Xenosaga Episode 2:Jenseits von Gut und Böse

Namco/Monolith Software
Release Date: 

XENOSAGA EPISODE 2:JENSEITS VON GUT UND BÖSE is a console role-playing game developed and published by Namco for Sony Playstation 2.It is the second title in the Xenosaga series.The player continues the story line of Xenosaga Episode I,assuming the roles of Gaignun Kukai,Jr. and Shion Uzuki.Xenosaga Episode II answers some of the questions that Episode I introduced including mysteries surrounding the U.R.T.V.s and the Miltian Conflict.This episode introduced significant stylistic changes from the Episode 1.The most major ones are changes to the character designs which deviated from the original anime style.Characters' change physically too,as every playable character except Ziggy received costume changes.Other characters like Shion,also received dramatic physical makeovers in the progression.In addition to these,Xenosaga Episode II's battle system was modified from the one featured in Episode I.Episode II featured the "boost" command and introduced the "stock" system.The last significant change in Xenosaga Episode II from its prequel was game music.Composition of cutscene music was performed by Yuki Kajiura and the in-game music,including battle themes were composed by Shinji Hosoe...