90 Minutes

Release Date: 

90 MINUTES is a football video game for the Sega Dreamcast console featuring full field action as well as simulation elements such as the ability to make an all-star team.The game was released in the last year of Sega Dreamcast in Europe and was only released in Europe.Players have the freedom to select from over 32 national teams,as well as club teams from major leagues across Europe and around the world.There is a choice of club teams from the English,French,German,Italian and Spanish leagues.Players may challenge for the World Championship or compete for title glory in a Domestic League competition.The game graphics were said to push the limits of Sega Dreamcast and was a challenge to Pro Evolution Soccer at that time.However the controls and gameplay was unsatisfying and the late release date of the game made it unfamous among the gamers.The game also features in-game commentary from Alan Parry...