Ace Combat 2

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ACE COMBAT 2 is the sequel to the 1995 arcade/flight-sim Air Combat,released in 1997 by Namco.Ace Combat 2 is part of Namco's Ace Combat series and continues the arcade style gameplay of its predecessor,with major improvements.Ace Combat 2's gameplay is very similar to Air Combat however,AC2 has considerably improved graphics and detailed features such as:moving flaps,air-brakes and afterburner effects.One new feature is the ability to find enemy Ace planes;doing so will result in the player being rewarded with a medal of the defeated Ace that can be viewed in the games medal viewer.Also the player can unlock "extra" aircraft for subsequent replays.One more interesting feature is the branching story paths;basically two sets of missions split between Operations "A"lphaville" and "B"ellissima".They each contain unique missions and both branches lead to mission 19.Ace Combat 2 also features realistic dog fights,total 3D polygons,advanced artificial intelligence,dynamic mission debriefings,secret planes and hidden missions...