Capcom Vs SNK:Millenium Fight 2000

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CAPCOM VS SNK:MILLENIUM FIGHT 2000 is a fighting game by Capcom that features characters from Capcom and SNK games.This game utilizes a "ratio" system,in that the "ratio" is a rating of a character's overall strength,ranging from 1 to 4.Teams of up to four can be arranged,but their combined ratios must equal and go no higher than 4.The player also has their choice of "groove" or attack meter.The SNK-Groove is based on Extra mode from The King of Fighters '94 to 98,while Capcom-Groove is based on the gameplay system from Street Fighter Alpha.Capcom Vs SNK:Millenium Fight 2000 is an updated version of Capcom Vs SNK arcade game and new additions include Joe Higashi from Fatal Fury and Dan from Street Fighter Alpha,new moves for existing characters and new modes of play...