Castlevania Curse Of Darkness

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CASTLEVANIA CURSE OF DARKNESS is a 3D console video game developed by Konami for Sony Playstation 2.Castlevania Curse Of Darkness differs from its predecessor in a number of ways.It includes a more complex action/adventure style of gameplay.Hector is not a member of the Belmont clan,so he does not use the "Vampire Killer" whip;instead he has the ability to equip a variety of different weapons ranging from swords,spears,axes,bombs and brass knuckles.However,there is an extra gameplay mode after finishing the game that allows players to play as Trevor Belmont equipped with the "Vampire Killer" and the subweapons which are the knife,axe,holy water,cross and stopwatch.The battle system is similar to that of Dynasty Warriors whereas one button is used for standard combo attacks and a secondary button is used for stronger "finishing attacks" after a singular standard attack or a combo of standard attacks.Castlevania Curse Of Darkness was produced by Koji Igarashi who has worked on several other games in the Castlevania series.Michiru Yamane once again composed the music...