Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition

Sega/Sega AM3
Release Date: 

DAYTONA USA CHAMPIONSHIP CIRCUIT EDITION is an updated version of Daytona USA released exclusively for Sega Saturn in 1996.It used a modified version of the Sega Rally Championship engine.The new game engine reduced the pop-up that was prevalent in the original Sega Saturn version.The framerate was increased to a solid thirty frames per second and it came with a new selection of cars,two new courses(Desert City and National Park Speedway) and a 2-player mode.Daytona USA CCE had a soundtrack by Richard Jacques and Jun Senoue which featured remixes of the original tunes and several new ones.It was also separately released for the Sega Saturn as a Netlink-compatible title,entitled Daytona USA:CCE Netlink Edition...