Daytona USA

Sega/Sega AM2
Release Date: 

DAYTONA USA is originally a racing arcade game by Sega.It was ported to Sega Saturn in 1995.It was the most advanced 3D racing game at its time.The player is put behind the wheel of a stock car "Hornet" with the choice of three courses as well as an automatic or manual transmission.The player's objectives are to outrun the competing cars and complete the race before time runs out.The Sega Saturn version had a somewhat slow frame rate(around twenty frames per second) and used 'clipping' to render only the scenery nearest the player.Daytona USA is compatible with the Arcade Racer steering wheel accessory.It is also compatible with the 3D analog control pad and the Sega Saturn will detect it as the Arcade Racer steering wheel...