Drakengard 2

Ubi Soft/SquareEnix
Release Date: 

DRAKENGARD 2 is a combination action game with RPG elements for the Sony Playstation 2 and is a direct sequel to the original Drakengard.Drakengard 2 combines on-foot hack and slash with aerial combat stages reminiscent of Sega's Panzer Dragoon.The game begins with Nowe,the protagonist,joining the Knights of the Seal whose purpose is to protect the keys holding the red dragon's seal in place,which prevents the end of the world.Nowe begins to wonder about the ethics of the Knights when he discovers that the keys are powered by the life force of some of the land's citizens.His faith is further shaken when the general,General Gismor,tries to poison him,then reveals that he poisoned his predecessor,General Oror:Nowe's adoptive father...