Earthworm Jim

Virgin Interactive/Shiny Entertainment
Release Date: 

EARTHWORM JIM is s a run and gun platform video game starring an earthworm named Jim in a robotic suit who battles evil.The game was developed by Shiny Entertainment and released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994.The gameplay of Earthworm Jim is very bizarre.Launching cows,using Jim's head as a whip and other bizarre twists add to the insanity.The player controls Jim at all times of the game.In the level sections,Jim can run,use his gun,swing on hooks and get powerups for the blaster.The in-between levels called Andy Asteroids place Jim in a semi-3D race against the evil Psycrow.If Psycrow wins,then Jim must fight him in one-on-one combat in order to progress.Throughout the game were many added features,such as mini-bosses whose weaknesses Jim would need to find through trial and error.Crystal treadmills,underwater pod races and other related things also appear...