Ehrgeiz God Bless The Ring

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EHRGEIZ:GOD BLESS THE RING is a fighting game developed and published by Squaresoft in 1998 in Japan.The original arcade version was published by Namco and developed by Dream Factory.The characters from Final Fantasy VII:Cloud Strife,Tifa Lockhart,Sephiroth,Yuffie Kisaragi,Vincent Valentine and Zack are playable fighters although the last three must be unlocked.Ehrgeiz differs from most 3D fighting games by drawing heavily from the concepts of wrestling games and Dream Factory's own Tobal series,which allows for full 360-degree movement and does not require fighters to be facing one another at all times.The PlayStation version includes a Dungeon mode similar to Tobal 1 and 2's Quest Mode.Players fight through an extensive dungeon crawl,much like the Blizzard title Diablo and can equip different weapons and items.There are also several smaller mini games,such as a race mode where players run laps around a course,engaging in combat to slow down their opponent and a board game similar to Reversi...