Evolution 2:Far Off Promise

Ubi Soft/Sting
Release Date: 

EVOLUTION 2:FAR OFF PROMISE is a role playing game released exclusively for Sega Dreamcast.It is a sequel to Evolution:The World of Sacred Device.It was developed by Sting and published by Ubi Soft and ESP.Evolution 2 is a dungeon crawler and it has both random and predetermined dungeon maps.The game's story continues from Evolution:The World of Sacred Device,Mag Launcher and company venture inward toward's the continent's center via the newly built railroad.With a new set of ruins to explore,Mag has the opportunity to become the greatest Adventurer in the world but a new presence threatens to destroy his relationship with Linear.Evolution 2 was one of the last games in Europe and assumed to be the rarest title for the European Sega Dreamcast...