Ferrari F355 Challenge

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FERRARI F355 CHALLENGE is a racing game based on Ferrari cars and event.It was developed by Sega AM2 under supervision of producer Yu Suzuki and was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast.The only model of car featured in the game is the Ferrari F355 Challenge model.The Dreamcast version has link cable play for direct competition and online play but the online servers for F355 Challenge are now offline.The game features an original soundtrack that mimics the style of 1980's hard rock/heavy metal which is integrated into a radio station format during gameplay.The radio dj goes by the name of Alan J.There are 6 courses within the game and 5 more courses are unlockable.Ferrari F355 Challenge was famous with its graphics and real life physics.The draw distance in the Sega Dreamcast version is one of the best on the console...