Illusion Of Time

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ILLUSION OF TIME is an action-RPG video game that was released for the Super Nintendo.It was developed by Quintet.Enix published the game in Japan and Nintendo published it worldwide.The game was titled as Illusion of Gaia in North America,and it was officially released in English,French,Spanish and German in Europe.Illusion of Time was scored by Yasuhiro Kawasaki.Moto Hagio the influential manga artist is credited with the character designs.Novelist Mariko Ohara worked on the story.While Illusion of Time has a large cast of characters;Will,Freedan and Shadow are the only playable characters in the game.They each have unique abilities and certain areas are impassable without a specific character.The characters gain techniques as part of the story.The game uses the SNES's Mode 7 graphics...