Mario Party 2

Nintendo/Hudson Soft
Release Date: 

MARIO PARTY 2 is the second in a series of board game style video games for Nintendo platforms,featuring popular Nintendo characters.Mario Party 2 brings back the original six,Mario,Luigi,Princess Peach,Yoshi,Wario and Donkey Kong.The only difference is that now,depending on the board they're in,each character wears a different costume.There are many mini-games in Mario Party 2.They are divided into four-player,one vs. three,two vs. two and battle games.The type of mini game is selected by the number of characters gaining coins or stars or losing coins and stars.If two people lost coins and two people gained coins then it's a two versus two mini game.The mini games have varied objectives.Forty-three new mini-games were introduced in Mario Party 2 while old Mario Party mini-games were updated and some were retitled.Three new types of mini-game were also introduced: the Battle mini-game,the Item mini-game and the Duel mini-game...