Space Channel 5 Part 2

Sega/United Game Artists
Release Date: 

SPACE CHANNEL 5 PART 2 is the second game in the music video game series developed by United Game Artists under the direction of Tetsuya Mizuguchi and published by Sega.The gameplay features a system where the player must copy sequences of dance steps preformed by the computer.The scoring system is changed from the first game.Moves can be charged while holding down a button.Instrument battles have been added.They are played using the directional buttons.There is a 100 stage battle mode in which players have to play 100 consecutive lines with only one heart.Some of the lines seem to resemble those found in the first game.There is also a 2 player mode where one player controls directions and the other controls actions and an alternate story mode where characters,costumes and dance moves are different.Space Channel 5 Part 2 was released in limited numbers in Europe and it is one of the rarest video games for Sony Playstation 2...