Starfighter 3000

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STARFIGHTER 3000 is a 3D shoot-em-up produced by Krisalis for Sega Saturn.The game was originally released for Acon Archimedes platform and later was ported to Sega Saturn.The Sega Saturn version of Star Fighter 3000 featured an improved graphics engine where the 3d objects were texture mapped in addition to the texture mapped ground that was in the Acorn Archimedes version.However,the gameplay for the Sega Saturn version is slightly different from the Acorn.The map screen is in 3D not 2D as in the Acorn Archimedes version.Also to upgrade your ship you collect series of 3D shapes after blowing up certain objects.In the Acorn version you collected and spent money on ship upgrades.Another difference is that you can blast you way through mountain ranges with the laser.In the Acorn version you cannot,the mountains are simple polygons...