Street Racer

Ubi Soft/Vivid Image
Release Date: 

STREET RACER is a racing game similar to Super Mario Kart released for the Sega Saturn in 1996.It was published by UbiSoft and was created by Vivid Image.The game features nine cartoon characters which player could race with,one of which being a secret character unlockable by completing the game.It was one of the first games to feature multi-tap compatibility and was the first racing game to allow 8 players to race simultaneously.The game had 8 tracks available from the start.Each set of tracks is themed around the track they are named after,with in-race music to suit.For example,Hodja's tracks have a magical theme and music,whilst Sumo-San has upbeat,futuristic,oriental music with a very Middle Eastern style of race track.The game features the ability to race the Street Racer Championship beginning with the Bronze Championship and moving on to the Silver Championship,Gold Championship and Platinum Championship.The Sega Saturn version was fully in 3D and was one of the best racing games on the system.The Turkish producer of the game,Mevlüt Dinc(aka Mev Dinc) stated that they have used assembly programming to make the game run at 60 fps...