Akumajo Dracula X Symphony Of The Night

Konami/KCE Tokyo
Release Date: 

AKUMAJO DRACULA X:SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT is 2D action adventure game developed by Konami.Castlevania is the western name for Akumajo Dracula X which is titled so in Japan.This Sega Saturn version was only released in Japan and it includes various new features not seen in the Playstation version.Maria Renard is a fully playable character and a boss.Maria and Richter are available at the start of the game as playable characters.Certain areas of the castle play remixes of classic Castlevania music,such as "Vampire Killer" and "Bloody Tears".A Sound Test option is available from the start of the game.Two new areas were added to the castle,the Cursed Prison and the Underground Garden.The Underground Garden area features a new boss,the Skeleton King.A few new weapons,items and armors were also added for Alucard such as the Alucard Spear...