Batman Forever The Arcade Game

Acclaim/Iguana Entertainment
Release Date: 

BATMAN FOREVER:THE ARCADE GAME is based on the movie of the same name.Two-Face and his henchmen along with the Riddler are causing trouble for Gotham City.Once again,Batman and Robin must stop them.Taking on the role of either Batman or Robin,players will punch,kick and use special combination attacks to defeat the waves of enemies that attack.The special combinations applied to enemies can add up to a possible 150+ hits on a single villain.Special weapons such as Batarangs can be found throughout the levels.Batman Forever:The Arcade Game is sectioned off into stages and after progressing through each stage of enemies,collecting power-ups on the way,players must face off against a boss character.There are 9 stages in the game.The game was originally an arcade game using Sega Titan Video hardware(STV) and was ported to Sega Saturn with ease...