Bishi Bashi Special

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BISHI BASHI SPECIAL is a game from the famous arcade series of Konami.All games in the series comprise playing through a wide variety of competitive minigames against other players.Bishi Bashi games are mainly popular in Japan and Europe.Bishi Bashi Specia is a compilation containing two games;Super Bishi Bashi and Hyper Bishi.It is possible for up to eight players to play via the Playstation multitap.Each game in the compilation contains mini games,some are loosely based around arcade classics such as Breakout and Pac-Man.Other games,such as "Perm-Mania" in which the player plays as a dancer and has to keep in time with the rhythm to make his dancers afro hairstyle grow and "Jump for Meat" in which the player plays a bodybuilder on a pogo-stick who has to jump high in order to grab a piece of meat.The game has a rather Japanese feel to it with the accents of the narrator and general theme of many of the games being of Japanese origin...